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We explain what drawing is and why it is an expression tool. Types of drawings and elements you use.

The artist performs mental work prior to drawing.

What is Drawing?

The drawing is the art Y technique to draw. Through the act of drawing, an image is captured on paper, canvas or any other material, using different techniques.

Drawing is a form of graphic expression on a horizontal plane, that is, in two dimensions. It is also one of the visual arts. Throughout the years humanity has used it as a form of universal expression and also of transmission of the culture, the language and else.

The drawing serves as an expression tool for the thoughts or of real objects, when there are things that words cannot explain it is said that it is better to draw. The artist always performs mental work prior to expressing his ideas, where mixture ideas, feelings, memories or others to obtain the final finish.

Types of drawings

Technical drawing is used for architectural plans or topographic drawings.
  • Artistic. In this type of drawing, the artist's ideas are expressed, making use of different techniques, such as perspective, and even materials, since there is a wide variety of pencils and other elements to draw, such as charcoal.
  • Technical. This second type is used to make representations of different things, for example planes of architecture or topographic drawings. In technical drawing, the main intention is to represent in the best possible way, in the most exact way, the dimensions and shape of a given object. It is the kind of drawing that professionals use in their work (engineers, architects, geologists, etc.). In turn, the technical drawing It has four classifications: natural, continuous, industrial, and defined.

According to the object of the drawing, it can be classified into:

  • Conception drawing
  • Definition drawing
  • Manufacturing drawing
  • Industrial drawing

Many artists claim that it is not important to have a great ability to be precisely a draftsman or painter, but the most important thing is the capacity for expression.

Elements used in the drawing

  • Instruments. It includes all the artifacts that draw lines and also those that allow them to be made, as well as graphite pencils and rulers.
  • Inks They are pigments and colors that the artist uses to give more body to his work. They can be applied with the help of dry instruments, such as pencils, or wet, such as markers.
  • Medium. All elements that help to support the paper or on which it is drawn, such as a canvas.
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