We explain what a doctrine is, its relationship with knowledge, laws, religion, the armed forces and other areas.

A doctrine is a theory or knowledge that is not questioned.

What is a doctrine?

A doctrine is a global body of theories or knowledge taught as true by one or more authors. It may be the result of some method organized production of knowledge, some kind of agreement regarding the matter, or it is imparted in a dogmatic way, that is, as a truth absolute and unquestionable.

The content of a specific doctrine can be very diverse, and it can have to do with different subjects. The term, in fact, is related to the word indoctrinate, of pejorative use to mean "reeducation" or "brainwashing", although its etymological roots point rather to Latin twelve, “Teach”, from which the word “teacher”.

Finally, a doctrine is often spoken of when it exists in a Condition or one society some type of protocol, guideline or series of mandates established around a specific topic, in such a way that they are executed without questioning, or with very little questioning.

Types of doctrine

The word doctrine is used in very different contexts, such as:

  • Religious doctrine That set of knowledge, rites, procedures and others that a church fosters among its faithful. In the case, for example, of Christian doctrine, the catechism is usually taught by the Catholic Church to its believers.
  • Legal doctrine. The set of laws Y rules that make up a legal framework operate as a doctrine, which tells judges and officials how to act to resolve some type of conflict in society, and in what way should the Justice.
  • Military doctrine. It is applied to the set of knowledge (or specific doctrines) of the martial or military sphere, which are imparted to the members of the armed forces of a State to guarantee their conduct coordinated and disciplined in the face of enemy forces, or in another set of situations.
  • Common doctrine. That which comprises the set of knowledge defended by its authors within a community of experts or militants: the doctrine of a political party, the doctrine of a social movement, etc.
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